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Your monthly membership covers the cost of office visits as often as they are needed, including tele-medicine visits, and communication through email, and text messaging. We only charge an additional fee (due at the time of service) if we provide you with wholesale medications, discounted laboratory testing, or if we perform a procedure requiring out-of-the-ordinary supplies. We will always tell you ahead of time if there are any additional charges for which you will be responsible. It is part of our commitment to transparency in medicine and validation of your right to make informed choices about your health care.
There is a one-time enrollment fee of $99 per household.
We use a membership model for health care. For more information, please view our Pricing Page.

Pricing with Membership
For Pediatric (Ages 0-17) – with Adult Membership: $59/month
Pediatric (Ages 0-17) – without Adult Membership: $109/ month
Adult (Ages 18-64): $109/month
Senior (Ages 65 & Up): $119/month
Family (Up to 2 Adults & 2 children, additional children are $30/month): $280/month

Pricing without Membership
Initial Office Visit: $250 -However, this could be put towards your membership, if you decide to join that day!
Follow-Up Office Visit: $150
Procedures: $300-$450
Fill out your information on the Contact Us tab, or you can contact our office at (770) 274-4435. We can schedule an appointment, or have you come into the office directly to sign up at our office, 3535 Roswell Road, Suite 15, Marietta, GA 30062.
No worries, we understand that changes occur, and we are ready to assist you in that process. If you need to cancel, just contact us to provide your 30-day cancellation notice.
No, we do not bill or use health insurance at Stand Up Family Medicine. We have found that by not taking insurance, we can provide better care with more transparent pricing for you. We do not have to wrestle with them to get things done. We put you back in the control of your care!
Since we do not bill or use health insurance, we do not take co-payments.
Yes, we encourage the whole family to join whenever possible. Please see our membership pricing.
By all means, yes! If an emergency arises after hours, you may contact the physician directly via the cell number that is provided to you once you are a member of the practice.
Yes, we recommend that you have health insurance. While we aim to provide most of the care you will need, medical conditions and illnesses can arise that require specialty care, hospitalization, or surgery. For example, heart attacks, stroke, cancer treatment. Direct Primary Care is not intended to take the place of health insurance. We deliver a hassle free healthcare experience at our office.
Not for our services at Stand Up Family Medicine. You can, however, use it anywhere else you might receive care or medical services. We do offer greatly discounted lab tests (sometimes 90% less than what you might be charged under insurance) as well as inexpensive, in-house, generic medication dispensing but these are not a requirement for membership. We always want you to get the most for your health care dollars. If we can provide a lab test or medication more affordably than what you could obtain elsewhere with insurance, we are glad to provide it.
If you require a consult for specialty medical care, Stand Up Family Medicine will work closely with that specialist and coordinate your care. Dr. Mehta is familiar with the local specialists in the area, and since we are not affiliated with any other healthcare system, we can decide together who will best serve your needs.
As a family medicine physician, we are trained to provide medical care for kids and adults. Children of all ages, including newborns and adults are welcome to the practice.
Stand Up Family Medicine Staff
Stand Up Family Medicine Office Staff


Members can access Dr. Mehta via:
  • by phone call
  • by text messaging
  • by email
  • By Tele-health
  • Guaranteed same-day or next-day visits


Some procedures are included:
    • EKG
    • Abscess drainage
    • Laceration repair
    • Wart removal
    • Ear Lavage (flushing out the ear canal)
    • Mole or skin tag removal


Members have access to:
    • At-cost laboratory testing
    • Greatly reduced rates for labs, from blood counts to metabolic panels and beyond
    • Wholesale medications
    • We purchase medications straight from wholesale pharmacies, bringing you the most cost-effective care
    • Prompt Appointments including Sicks visits

Compare Your Options


Typical Family Practice Model Direct Primary Care
Co-Pay $20-$65 or more per office visit Zero
Billing Billing is not always transparent & hidden fees. 1x enrollment fee & affordable monthly membership fee
Office Visit Wait Time 15 minutes up to 1 hr. or more Zero
Availability of office visit Can take days to weeks for an available appointment or months for a physical appointment Guaranteed same-day or next-day visits
Wholesale-priced medications A few samples maybe offered but highly restricted We offer cost effective care and that includes wholesale priced medications
Direct Access to your Dr. via cell No Quick Access via cell

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